We kick off our 2019 season with our most complete tournament calendar to date!

Affiliated clubs throughout the UK have all been requesting their official tournaments over the last few months and we’ve now put them all together to bring to you our 2019 calendar. It incorporates tournaments and events both here in the UK and abroad, a national league, and coaching courses (levels 1-3). View 2019 calendar.

As per our lasted post we anxiously anticipate a turning point here in the UK as regards to the development of the sport. With a number of projects in the pipeline 2019 is going to make for a spectacular year as new courts and clubs begin opening their doors. We expect to see a real boom in participation due to the huge demand for official tournaments, as players begin to compete for national rankings in their specific categories and age groups.

Affiliated clubs can host either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold tournaments which award different ranking points. A club can decide what categories to offer for each event from Men’s, Ladies, Mixed, Vets, and/or Juniors which will be communicated and advertised accordingly via the British Padel website on tournament posters.

Furthermore, this year we launch our UK national club league which will group clubs geographically with matches being played throughout the year. Top performing clubs will qualify for a national playoffs which is to be hosted in September at the Stratford Padel Club. More information here.


A Tipping Point

“a point in time when a group –or a large number of group members –rapidly and dramatically changes its behaviourby widely adopting a previously rare practice”

Our sport continues to rapidly approach this in the UK, as the information in this year’s Annual Report shows you.

It has been an absolute delight to witness the drive of sporting clubs who are adding or creating facilities for play all across the country.

When I look sideways at the European and world developments there are multiple examples of Padel tipping points having been recently reached and passed, as all the energy of the passionate few conglomerates into one large dynamic force, which – just like a snowball rolling down a hill  – just gets exponentially larger with each revolution it makes.

We are aiming for 2020 as our recognition target and member numbers remain a vital element of the process. Currently we are about a third of the way there. 

Now that there is a highly tangible benefit of player insurance -valid in the UK and Europe – I hope you will encourage joining up at your club so that we can smash down the doors of the sporting councils to facilitate funding for the private sector and opportunity within the public one.

Well played everyone!

Peter Vann

President of British Padel

Padel is set to become the go to sport here in the UK by 2020!

Padel courts are now appearing all over Europe and it’s happening at lightening speed.  Exponential growth in both court numbers and overall participation for countries such as Sweden, Belgium, and most recently Holland where 50 padel courts have suddenly become 200+ in what seems to have occurred over night…


Spanish padel brands are eagerly awaiting such growth outside of a saturated Spain and look to these new territories as a huge opportunity to increase their market share and success in an industry that is quickly becoming very competitive. How they adapt their sales strategies to different markets will determine which brands succeed and which will begin to fade away as the sport becomes more visible on a global scale.


The sport of padel is presenting not only significant growth potential for established brands, but it’s creating new opportunities for tennis and squash clubs, leisure facilities, players, coaches, and entrepreneurs. From padel clubs, court construction, coaching, events and promotion, the opportunities in this fast growing dynamic and social sport are endless.


British Padel has been measuring the sport’s participation for the last few years and predicts the sport is on the cusp of a breakthrough… With our 55 courts spread all over the UK, we now enthusiastically await our over-night boom!


The sport of padel however isn’t yet a recognised sport here in the UK. This can create drastic problems to our growth and developments as many new projects are delayed or even held back due to planning and regulations. No financial assistance is yet available that all other sports heavily rely on. Therefore please support our application for padel to become an officially recognised sport by 2020. 



Our very own Team GB captain John Lech introduces Martin Stew of ITV News to the game of padel.

Support PADEL2020

You can help padel become an officially recognised sport here in the UK by supporting our #Padel2020 campaign. We need to achieve our goal of 500 members by 2020 in order to meet part of the minimum criteria outlined in our pre-application with the UK Sporting Councils.

Become a member of British Padel now! www.britishpadel.org.uk/membership


Team GB prepares for the World Padel Championships in October


The countdown has begun. Great Britain’s men’s and senior national teams are preparing to participate in the World Padel Championships next month.


Following the outstanding results achieved by our Men’s team at the World Championships 2016, we are proud to announce that the team will be competing at the upcoming World Padel Championships 2018.

The World Padel Championships by IPF (International Padel Federation) is the largest international padel competition open to elite players from around the world, representing their countries. Taking place every two years, it gives countries the chance to fight for the highest achievement in the sport – to become world champions.

This year’s edition will be hosted by the Paraguayan Padel Federation in their capital, Asuncion, from October 29 – November 3.

Also happening in October but in Malaga, Spain is the first-ever Senior Padel World Championship. The event will take place in October 5 – 13 at Club de Racquet Villa Padierna and at Centro Deportivo Las Mesas.

This is another very exciting initiative not just for senior padel players but for the entire padel community, as it will be key in helping attract further participants for the sport.


This year’s selected players for our qualified teams are:

Men’s team: Sam Jones, John Leach, Nikki Roenn, Ben Gudzelak, Ryan Wyatt, Christian Medina, Sandy Farquharson, and Alfonso Patacho.

National coach: Mauricio Andrini


Men’s Senior team: Ben Gudzelak, Paul Jepson, Grantley Harris, Juan Escuadra, Anthony Batt, Robert Matthews, Mitchell Hill, Paul Coeulle, Alan Maddock, Sergio Muñez, Robert Nissen, Paul Lansley, Mitch Hill, David McCulloch, John Byrne, Peter Vann and Nick Holloway.

National coach: Mauricio Andrini


Ladies Senior team: Carolina Prado, Leanne Raine, Lizzie Wilson, Camilla Tom, Natasha Gold, Debbie White, Sally Fisher and Yusimi Crossley.

National coach: Belen Castrillo


For more information visit www.britishpadel.org.uk.


Will to Win, in partnership with British Padel, is bringing padel to Hyde Park and The Regent’s Park.

On Friday 23rd February, Hyde Park and The Regent’s Park will see the doors officially open to two newly built outdoor padel courts available for all to pay & play.

Will to Win, a leading operator of sports in public parks, is set to open two public access floodlit padel courts next Friday in London’s most prestigious parks – Hyde Park and The Regent’s Park.

Peter Vann, President of British Padel, said: ‘For British Padel it is an honour to be teaming up with Will to Win – a forward-thinking organisation that will now help spread padel to all via their network of community sport centres. Their open and innovative approach to sports has now brought about a fantastic initiative.’

Bringing padel to such prime Central London locations is a huge step toward achieving wider recognition for the sport of padel. This initiative will not only benefit the padel community but also those who’ve never tried padel before.

Steve Riley, founder of Will to Win, shares in the excitement, stating: ‘Will to Win is extremely proud to bring new state-of-the-art padel courts to two of Central London’s iconic and world famous public parks. Our goal has always been to offer the public increased accessibility to affordable sport, and we are excited to provide the padel community two new courts that are open to all. Padel is a fun, less technical sport than tennis and sits well in our range of sports on offer, namely tennis, netball and 5-a-side football. Will to Win works with the Royal Parks, local councils and the LTA to provide affordable and accessible sport, and we are delighted to have formed a partnership with British padel to promote the game.

Will to Win is committed to the changing demands of racket sport players, and with this in mind they have successfully introduced 6 floodlit courts, a floodlit MUGA(Multi Use Games Area) and floodlit Padel court to Hyde Park, along with 4 additional floodlit tennis courts and a floodlit Padel court to The Regent’s park.

As part of Will to Win’s affiliation with British Padel and to celebrate the court openings, Will to Win Hyde Park will be hosting a summer British Padel Tour tournament on Saturday 11th August.

The padel court at WTW Hyde Park is located near The Royal Albert Hall (entrance via Alexandra Gate). In The Regent’s Park, the new court is located adjacent to York Bridge. For both courts, bookings can be made online via www.willtowin.co.uk or on site. Opening times are 7am-9pm daily at WTW Hyde Park and 8am-9pm at WTW Regent’s Park. Court hire prices are £20-24 per hour (plus additional floodlight fees, if applicable).


For more information please contact hello@britishpadel.org.uk or padeltennis@willtowin.co.uk.



About British Padel

British Padel is a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee and receives no public funding. It is the acting governing body supported by it’s affiliated members of players, coaches, clubs and approved by the International Padel Federation (FIP).

The organisation is responsible for measuring participation, implementing regulation, and overall minimal standards for all aspects of the sport including and not limited to; court installations, coaching courses, guidance for players, coaches, and clubs. British Padel is currently seeking full recognition from the UK Recognition, a joint policy comprised of the five Sports Councils (Sport England, Sport Scotland, UK Sport, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland).


About Will to Win

Founded in 1997, Will to Win operates sports centres and cafes in public parks across London, including The Royal Parks – Hyde Park, The Regent’s Park and Greenwich Park – as well as Chiswick House Gardens in Chiswick, Lammas Park & Pitshanger Park in Ealing, and multiple venues in Wandsworth through All Win Tennis. Will to Win’s motto is ‘Sport for All,’ and it provides full Adult and Junior programmes in a variety of sports, including tennis, football, netball, padel, lawn bowls, putting & table tennis. Alongside its registered charity, the Will to Win Foundation, Will to Win looks to increase participation in sports across the UK by providing attractive, accessible and affordable facilities in public parks along with an artisan café offer.

Website: www.willtowin.co.uk.


The British Padel Tour is a UK Circuit of Open Tournaments grouped by categories for both performance players wishing to compete for a national ranking and social addicts seeking some competitive play, both male and female, organized by British Padel.

All competitions of the Tour are open to any nationality however only British Padel registered members can earn UK national ranking points to be listed in the UK systematic ranking system. There’s a new format now in 2018 where are combined categories A and B in order to create more opportunity for those lower ranked players.

You may have seen the British Tour calendar has been announced, and in response to your demands for a wider spectrum of playing abilities, you can now decide easily where you want to fit in.

Meet your friends or make new ones in the ultimate mix-in for all levels of play, both male and female. All tournaments will kick off with a friendly round-robin event taking place on the Saturday morning.

Are you seeking somewhat more of a competitive environment? Commencing on the Saturday afternoon there will be an Open draw with qualifying rounds ( subject to entries ) for lower ranked and/or unranked players, both male and female wanting to compete for a national ranking. This draw will continue through to the Sunday.

If you are aged 45 and over, this event provides you with the opportunity to earn points on a separate national ranking for both male and female players. This category will be played all day Sunday.

With a World Padel Championships 2018 taking place this year in Paraguay ( and for the first time there’s a Vets category hosted in Malaga ), your British Padel ranking points from the tour will be the main criteria for your selection to represent team of Great Britain.

The first tournament in London is just 4 weeks away so in order to enjoy a discounted entry fee, and to protect and maintain your hard-earned UK points please ensure that you have renewed your British PadelAnnual Membership before this first event. Ranking points will expire if you do not renew in the next 4 weeks.

Check all the details about the British Padel Tour 2018 and more info on British Padel website: http://www.britishpadel.org.uk/tournaments

Get ready for the action!

Team GB places 5th and 10th in Europe

Team Great Britain achieved the best European results so far placing 5th (Men’s team) and 10th (Ladies team) at the XI European Padel Championships 2017.

This year’s championships, organised by the International Padel Federation, took place in the town of Estoril, Portugal, between the 13th and 18th of November. Fifteen National Men’s teams and eleven National Women’s teams participated.

The Men’s GB team performed incredibly well: they beat Sweden, Belgium and Czech Republic, and were only beaten by the two favourites Spain and Portugal, who came first and second respectively. Nonetheless, it was a great learning experience and the results against Spain in particular were tighter than they have ever been.

The Ladies also made the team proud: they were reading the games and maintaining a very positive attitude throughout every match, despite loosing to two very strong teams in the group stages, The Netherlands and Portugal; and to Poland and Switzerland in the main draw. The experience of playing against some of the best players in the world proved to be an invaluable learning curve for our girls.

This event would have not been possible without the support of our partners. We would like to extend a special thank you to Adidas, PadelShack, Setteo and Babolat for believing in the development of this fantastic sport. Also, thank you to our coaches Mauricio Andrini and Carolina Prado for their continued support.

Men’s Team: Mauri Andrini (Coach), John Leach (Captain), Richard Brooks, Sam Jones, Christian Medina Murphy, Tom Murray, Ryan Wyatt, Graeme Darlington, and Oliver White.

Ladies Team: Carolina Prado (Coach), Tia Norton, Shoko Okamura, Hanna Maddock, Zuzka Patacho Herrero, Bethany Gardner, Paula Asensio, Lizzie Wilson, and Karen Hazzard.

‘El mundo unidos por el deporte’ – ‘The world united by sport’

Great Britain Junior Padel Team gives stunning performance at World Championships in Malaga


The XI World Juniors Padel Championships Opening Ceremony saw all the teams parade into the El Candado Beach Club arena, with National flags held aloft as the sun began to set.

GB Team Captain Frankie Batt was honoured to say the players’ oath in English at the ceremony, whilst Spain’s number one did the same in Spanish. Then the teams from all over the world took part in a multinational team hug world record attempt on the beach.

Play began on Monday with the Open Competition in the morning and Boys Team competition in the afternoon. Sean Neave and his partner Sam Jones won their match, as did Frankie and his partner Alfonso Patacho. Ben Burgess and Henry Marais playing in their first ever Championship match lost to an amazing Spanish pair. In the girls Under 14 Open Tilly Payne, and Charlotte Brien were also beaten, but put on a great show for GB.

Both the boys and girls had tough draws in the Team competition, with the boys having to play Portugal and Mexico, and the girls Portugal and Spain, who are the current World Champions. In the Boys Team event that afternoon Ben Burgess and partner Miguel Patacho began well against Portugal, but eventually lost 6 – 4, 6 – 1 to a more experienced Portuguese pair. The Under 16s Sean Neave and Louie Harris and the Under 18s Frankie Batt and Sam Jones also lost, meaning GB would have to win the match against a strong Mexican team the following day to have any chance of qualifying from their group.

The next day there were further wins at Under 18s and Under 16s for the boys in the Open Competition. In the girls Open event the girls Tia Norton and Zuzka Patacho put on a great show. They made it through to the quarter finals of the Under 16s beating Brazil but loosing against Spain, the seeded number one pair.

The Girls Team competition began with Tilly and Charlotte facing the current World Champions in a court packed around with spectators and TV cameras! The girls did their best and were cheered by everyone when they won a point, but were overpowered by the amazing Spanish pair. The Under 16 and Under 18 girls also made GB proud, but the Spanish team are absolutely brilliant, and a real privilege to play against.

The boys then faced Mexico, who they had to beat to have a chance of a medal. It didn’t begin well with Ben and Miguel playing an Under 14 pair who hadn’t dropped a game. They lost 6 – 0, 6 – 0, so Sean and partner Louie had to win. They did it in two sets, 6 – 2, 7 – 6 (tie break) with an amazing performance.

So it was all down to the last match – Frankie and Sam had to play Mexico’s number one player and his partner. The quality of the padel was fantastically high, and the match turned into an amazingly tense three set battle. GB lost the first set in a tie break, but in a nail-biting end to the match won it 6 – 2, 6 – 3. A magnificent performance by Frankie and his partner Sam meant GB boys went through second in their group, and faced hosts and Current World Champions Spain in the next round.

The girls’ match against team Portugal was mixed with the Under 16 pair Tia and Zuzka winning their match, but the Under 14 and Under 18s losing. This means they faced USA next, who they beat, so ended up playing Belgium for 7th place on the last day. After fantastic performances from all the team, they lost the match in the third set, therefore placed 8th in the world.

The boys had a really tough time against Spain. They played on the main show court, against the best in the world, sadly losing all three matches but performing at a really high level. They then met Uruguay very late on Friday night, beating them in some very tense matches. The final day of the Championship they played Brazil, losing two matches to one, and ending up 6th in the world.

The motto of this Championship is ‘El mundo unidos por el deporte’ – ‘The World united by sport’. All the teams taking part have shown the upmost respect for each other on the court, and been sociable and helpful off of it. Worldwide friendships were made between countries’ players, coaching staff and supporters. It has been a truly amazing experience for everyone.

The GB Junior Padel team would like to thank their coach Mauri Andrini, and his assistant Christian Medina Murphy, British Padel, and all their partners and sponsors for their support throughout the Championship. Thank you to:

Our Partners: AdidasBabolat, and PadelShack
Our Sponsors: 
La Reserva SotograndeSotogrande International School, Bristow Property Group – Sotogrande, Abbeygate Insurance, Tailor Made Healthcare solutions and Udesign.


Team GB at the World Junior Padel Championships 2017


We are extremely proud to announce that our juniors will participate at the next World Junior Padel Championships 2017. The event will be held in Malaga, Spain, from October 9th-15th.

The World Junior Padel Championships is the largest international juniors event for padel. Every two years the world’s top boys and girls from each nation compete against each other representing their nations.

This year the number of registrations is at an all time high for the Championships, with a FIP record breaking 450 pairs. Team GB will be competing in the Open Championships and Team Championships, against countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, and many more. At the last event, hosted in Mexico two years ago our junior team placed third just behind Spain and Argentina.

In the boys team: Frankie Batt (Captain), Alfonso Patacho Herrero, Sam Jones, Sean Neave, Lawrence Morgan, Miguel Patacho Herrero, Henry Marais, Louie Harris, Ben Burgess and Cameron Dollimore.

In the girls team: Tia Norton, Hanna Maddock, Chaney Norton, Katie Morton, Zuzka Patacho Herrero, Matilda Payne, Charlotte Brien.

As coaches; Mauricio Andrini (Boys coach), Carol Prado (Girls coach) and Christian Medina (Coach assistant).

British Padel would like to thank the following sponsors for making entry into such competitions possible: Babolat, Adidas, PadelShack, La Reserva Club Sotogrande, Sotogrande International School, Bristow Property Group, Abbeygate Insurance, U-design, Tailormade Healthcare Solutions, and eZeCars.

Padel and English in London Unites Teens

A group of Bushey Meads School students tried their hand at padel last week at Bushey Grove Leisure Centre with Spanish coach Jacobo Arenaza. Arenaza is temporarily in London, along with a group of 25 participants for a short summer stay organised by Top Talk English Travel. According to their Bushey Meads sports teacher, Ashley Cartledge, the teens loved the sport and can’t wait to play again. Perhaps this is the kind of initiative padel needs to increase its popularity in Britain to levels seen in Spain.

Bushey Meads School supported the project from its onset, since it was a fantastic opportunity for their students to progress in their Spanish studies. It was equally popular with Spanish parents, who were keen on their children practicing English along with their favourite sport – padel. The Spanish participants attend classes daily, both in Spanish and in English, accompanied by a “buddy” from the school. There they help with Spanish conversation and also participate in English classes. After a meal at the school, they go to the leisure centre.

The host families are essential; practising English with the students and even showing students around the city of London on weekends. ‘The kids are delighted with the warm welcome they’ve received at Bushey Meads School and from the host families,’ explains Jacobo Arenaza. ‘I am so pleased to be a part of this project, which really promotes this sport and from an early age so that it can be enjoyed by all’.

Top Talk English Travel is a Spanish-American company specialising in English language immersion trips for teens in the UK, Ireland and the US. The company is offering British teens the opportunity to travel to Spain, improve their Spanish and even play padel!