Padel competitions in 2020

There’s lots of exciting changes coming next year so stay tuned!


The 2020 tournament calendar will be released mid January, with the first event kicking off at the end of February.


As part of integrating padel, the LTA will be implementing a series of improvements over the next five years aimed at making competitions more relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable for all players.


The improvements are part of a new strategy has been informed by an extensive review of the competitive landscape in Britain, as well as analysing what works for other federations and sports.  The review included consultation with players, coaches, officials and parents, with the plans receiving strong support.


During 2020 we will be implementing a number of key improvements relating to areas highlighted as top priorities from the consultation. These are:


  • An enhanced competition structure accommodating all levels, for both male and female categories.
  • To support the increasing participation levels of Senior players a separate circuit of events has been created, supported by a new look and aligned national competition calendar
  • LTA Licensed Referees will be required to deliver all graded events.
  • A Junior National Championships – this will be supported with on-going training camps
  • The introduction of more team competition opportunities, through a new LTA National Padel League team competition for players of all levels, to complement the successfully run National tier.
  • Changes to Local Competition to make events more accessible and enjoyable for players.


The LTA are excited to introduce these important changes to enhance the visibility for padel in Great Britain. For any questions/clarifications please contact the Services Team.


Best wishes,

Tom Murray

Head of Padel

XI European Championships 2019

Both our Men’s & Ladies National teams achieved third place at the Cupra European Championships hosted in Rome, Italy. 

The XI European Championships 2019 sponsored by Cupra was hosted at the Bola Padel Club in Rome, Italy on Nov 4-10. European Men’s & Ladies National teams competed for a final position which was broadcast live on Sky Sports Italy.
Ladies National Team:
Picture left to right: Aodhnait Lombard (coach), Shoko, Hannah Maddock, Tia Norton, Laura Deigman, Darren Hazzard, Clare Fahey, and Carolina Prado (back row, far right)
Men’s National Team:
Pictured left to right (back row): Ryan Wyatt, Alfonso Patacho, Christian Medina-Murphy, Sam Jones, Oliver White, Sandy Farquharson, Richard Brooks, Louie Harris, Mauricio Andrini (coach).
Featured image (top of article) by Frank Binisti, Padel Magazine.

XII World Junior Championships 2019

This year our boys team achieved 15th place in probably the most competitive Junior World Padel Championships to date, hosted in Benicassim (Castellon), Spain.

A huge congratulations to our U18s pair Cameron Dollimore & Louie Harris that were Finalists in the ‘World Pairs Open Event’!’

A special thanks to all the players, coaching staff and parents that travelled over and supported the team during every match.

Players: Pascal Bachmann, Ben Wrann, Oscar Fletcher, Dylan Barnes, Ben Burgess, Tim Jarvis, Sean Meyer, Connor Turner, Cameron Dollimore, Louie Harris.

Coaching staff: Sandy Farquharson, Aodhnait Lombard, Frankie Batt.

For complete results visit the tournament website:

FINAL PLAYOFFS: National Club League sponsored by Redwood Bank



2019 FINAL PLAYOFFS – Summary of team standings:

  1. Bishops Park

  2. David Lloyd Bushey

  3. Middlesbrough Padel Club

  4. Stratford Padel Club

  5. Chelsea Harbour Club

  6. Huddersfield LTSC

  7. David Lloyd Chigwell

  8. Hazelwood Padel Club


2019 Winners: Bishops Park

2019 Finalists: David Lloyd Bushey

For detailed results, draws, the lineups, and more images:

CLUBS: To sign up for the 2020 edition please communicate your initial interest on the annual club affiliation form.

Calling all junior padel players!

This year we are very happy to welcome Sandy Farquharson, to head up our coaching team. Sandy is one of our top British Players and most experienced padel coaches. Sandy qualified as a coach in Spain several years ago and has coached the UAE Padel Team for the last 5 years. His background in tennis was extensive, playing and then coaching on the ATP Tour, also working as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist for some of the top British tennis players.
We are very fortunate to have working along side Sandy for the upcoming Junior World Championships 2019, Mauricio Andrini and Carolina Prado as our Head Coaches.
The plan for players and parents, which will be directed by Sandy is as follows:
  • Communicate interest in the competition with your local club and/or coach.
  • Local Club will provide a shortlist of potential players by the end of August 2019.
  • We recommend competing/attending any or all of the following:
    1. Fulham Junior British Tour (29/30 June)
    2. Stratford British Tour (5/6 July)
    3. Redwood National Championships in Bushey (12-14 July)
    4. Training and Trial Day at David Lloyd Bushey (12 July, time TBC) – Contact Sandy.
    5. Training and Trial Weekend (7 & 8 September) – location TBC, in Greater London area.
  • Team Selection made the following week (mid September) and all details of the trip will be confirmed.
  • Junior World Championships 14-20th October in Spain (Castellon).
Please continue to send correspondence to our main email address (, however all enquiries relating to juniors will be forwarded directly to Sandy if you are based in the UK and to Mauri Andrini if you are based in Spain.
If you need assistance contacting your local coach/club or do not know who is the relevant person, you can contact Sandy directly by email:
Thank you and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Regional Playoffs of the Redwood Bank National Club League


REGIONAL PLAYOFFS – Summary of results:

Last weekend (May 11 & 12), the Regional Playoffs of the Redwood Bank National Club League took place at three different venues (Tennis World, Middlesbrough, David Lloyd Bushey, and Chelsea Harbour Club.


18 teams divided into four groups fought for a place in the National Finals in September 2019, with the top two teams of each group eligible to qualify.  A Round Robin format was used to determine the winners, whereby the teams winning the most head-to-head encounters would advance.


The Northern Group only had three teams competing for two places in the National Finals (Middlesbrough Padel Club, Tennis World Padel Team and Huddersfield LTSC), after the late drop out from the West of Scotland Padel team,


Middlesbrough Padel Club were the overall winners beating all of the other teams. The second best team, thus obtaining the right to attend to the National Finals, was Huddersfield LTSC.


Southern Group-A, hosted at David Lloyd Bushey was the largest group with five teams (Stratford Padel Club, David Lloyd Chigwell, Guernsey Padel Club, Hyde Park Will to Win, and Prested Padel Club). After a long day of tight encounters, Stratford Padel Club achieved the first place winning all its encounters, with David Lloyd Chigwell coming in second place with the next highest amount of encounter wins.


A special mention goes out to Guernsey Padel Club where we head next weekend for the British Padel Tour, for making the effort to travel over from the Channel Islands and partake in this first edition of our National Club League.


Southern Group-B. After North London Padel Club withdrew its registration, the group was comprised of just four teams (David Lloyd Bushey, Regents Park Will to Win, Hazelwood Padel Club, and Weybridge Padel Club).


This group, hosted at David Lloyd Bushey had a top performer winning all of its encounters convincingly, David Lloyd Bushey, also known as the PadelShack team. The three other teams fought very closely for the second position, with Hazelwood Padel Club coming out on top and achieving second place.


Southern Group-C, hosted at Chelsea Harbour Club consisted of four teams (Bishops Park Rocks Lane, Somborne Padel Club, The West Hants Club and Chelsea Harbour Club).


Bishops Park Rocks Lane outperformed the opposition and won all encounters, with Chelsea Harbour Club coming in second place with the next amount of encounter won.


The Redwood Bank National Club Finals, will be played on the 21st and 22nd of September in London (club to be confirmed). The Final event will consist of eight teams playing a Round Robin divided into two groups of four teams. The first two teams of each group will qualify to the Semi-Finals and compete for a top-4 position; the third team of each group will compete for the 5thand 6thposition, with the fourth teams competing for the 7thand 8thposition, which will determine our top ranked clubs/teams in the UK.

A Strategic Alliance To Achieve Official Recognition For Padel


Following recent press speculation we are delighted to confirm that a strategic alliance has been agreed between the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and British Padel. This will immediately achieve our goal of official government and Sporting Council recognition for our sport ahead of the 2020 target – and that alone will provide one powerful springboard to facilitate public sector padel developments.

The natural synergy that exists between tennis and padel has already proven in Europe to provide immense benefits to aid significant growth over time frames that are short. France and  Belgium are shining examples of this, where virtual explosions of padel courts have taken place following similar agreements. Italy grew from just a handful of courts to several hundred courts in just a few years following their alliance with the Italian Tennis Federation.

Our relatively small community has created the foundations, and now is the right time to embrace and utilise the immense strengths of the LTA who are every bit as keen as we all are to develop padel to become a major participation sport in the future.

A press release from the LTA will follow shortly.

Peter Vann

President of British Padel

Redwood Bank pledges support for fast-growing Padel Tennis sport

A pioneering challenger bank has proven it is committed to backing new ventures by lending its support to one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and the World.

Redwood Bank, which prides itself on supporting community groups and small to medium sized businesses, has announced a partnership with British Padel.

It is the governing body for the up-and-coming sport in the UK and has been recognised by the International Padel Federation.

page1image9552Originating in Mexico, the racquet sport has been described as a tennis-squash hybrid. Ever since it was introduced to the UK in 1992, it has rapidly grown in popularity.

Peter Vann, President of the British Padel organisation, said:

“Redwood Bank’s support will allow us to continue increasing participation throughout the UK. One of our key objectives is to see the sport recognised by the UK Sporting Councils so that it can appear on local authority lists of approved sports and possible funding. We’re also responsible for sending junior and senior teams to compete in European and World Championships so sponsorship plays a key role. The Bank’s financial support will see title events such as the Redwood Bank NationalClub Championships 2019 and The Redwood Bank British Open 2019.”

Padel has been tipped as a possible way to save racquet sports in the UK because drop-off rates for tennis have never been so high and squash is dominated by men aged in their 40s.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of Redwood Bank Gary Wilkinson said:

“We pride ourselves on being one step ahead of the rest, which is we why we chose to support padel because it’s still relatively unknown among the masses. But we firmly believe it’s on the brink of becoming huge. In Spain it’s the second most popular sport next to football and in Sweden it has enjoyed prolific growth with now more than 380 courts available. Padel is the sport of the future which we believe could address key issues such as declining junior participation in racquet activities, low levels of adults exercising and of course the UK obesity epidemic. With all that in mind, we wanted to make sure we were supporting the right sport and doing all we can to make it accessible to everyone so they too can see what a great activity it is to play.”

page2image16880Padel is easy to play as the ball strike is close to the hand and body, it is a very sociable sport and does not require high strength or fitness levels.

Redwood Bank was launched in August 2017 and provides individually assessed mortgages for business owners and professional landlords, as well as a range of Best Buy savings accounts, which are offered to charities, clubs and associations as well as businesses.

For further information, visit

Download full press release

Great Britain in the 14th Pan American Maccabi Games in Mexico

Two British Padel members, Paul Gladstone and Mark Norden are representing Great Britain in the 14th Pan American Maccabi Games in Mexico in July 2019. The Maccabiah Games is a Jewish multi-sport event and is now the third-largest sporting event in the world. 

Paul and Mark are members of David Lloyd Chigwell and are training hard there with Victor Perez. It is the first time that padel has been included in the games and they will have strong opposition from Argentina, Mexico and Chile among others. Their progress to the Games can be followed at
We wish them every success and the inclusion of padel into such a prestigious event can only help towards padel becoming an Olympic sport.
Pan American Games:         
Maccabi GB:                           

A World Padel Tour Masters event comes to London!

ITV call it the fastest growing sport in the World. And London will be home to a Masters tournament as of October 2019.

SW19 Sports & Entertainment and the World Padel Tour announce today the official launch of the London Padel Masters. The London event will be one of the 6 highest prize money and ranking points tournaments on the professional tour. The London Padel Masters will happen from 13th to 20th of October 2019, at The London Padel Centre at Bishop’s Park, Fulham.

Already in 9 countries, the World Padel Tour (WPT) brings together the best players from around the world, playing in front of growing audiences. 200,000 fans watched the WPT tournaments live last year, with a 16 million spectator reach across attendance, tv and digital platforms.

One of the fastest paced games, in tandem with impossible recoveries, players climbing the court walls and big personalities. Padel delivers incredible entertainment value and will soon have the UK public cheering for one of the heroes or villains of the WPT.

In Spain it’s only second to football in terms of popularity, and Padel is following the global trend in the UK with the British Team just having returned from the World Championships in Paraguay. British Padel is actively promoting the sport and is pushing for Sport England support, along with the private sector investing. Unsurprisingly, London is the city with the most courts in the UK.

Tom Murray, Director of British Padel: “it’s a huge opportunity to get great visibility for padel in the UK, which is what the sport needs right now. It’s new to London and the UK, so finally the British public will see padel played at the highest level and that will drive them to try it out. It can attract a very wide public, and is a very social sport that can really benefit the British public.”


Mario Hernando, CEO of WPT: “It is an important matter for a global company as WPT to be present in a city like London. In such a sports-loving atmosphere, we are completely sure that padel is going to overwhelm the audience. Not only the organizers but the players are willing to show to the exquisite English fans, with a long tradition of respect and care for racket sports, why padel is a big success in Spain, Italy, Brasil, Argentina, Sweden and other countries.”


João Martins, CEO of SW19: “I love the hype around padel: the growth rate, the low barrier to entry, balanced male/female ratio, the surge in courts across Europe, the predicted 4x ROI in relation to tennis… but most of all I love to watch it. This really is a spectacular sport. The first time you see a player sprint through the court door and hit the ball back into play almost from a spectator’s lap, you are hooked. Guys like Sanyo Gutierrez, Paquito Navarro or Bela will toy with your emotions. Padel is up there with the best live sports. And the best live sports need to be in London, to break into the A-League.”

Tournament Format

The London Padel Masters is made up of a Main Draw, a Qualifying Round and a Pre- Qualifying Round. The Main Draw will be made up of 32 pairs.

The Main draw

  • The top 27 pairings in the rankings qualify directly
  • One Wild Card handed out by SW19
  • The 4 semi finalist pairings from qualifying.

The Qualifying Round

  • 8 pairings qualify directly (seeds)
  • 8 come through from the Pre-Qualifying rounds

The Pre Qualifying Round

  • The remaining pairings that haven’t qualified through their ranking for the Main Draw or Qualifying Draw
  • 4 Wild Cards handed out by SW19


Prize Money

MASTER…………………………… 95.000 €

  • WINNER ………………………………… 9.500 € x 2 = 19.000 €
  • FINALIST …………………………………6.175 € X 2 = 12.350 €
  • SEMIFINALS ……………………………3.560,50 € X 4 = 14.242 €
  • QUARTERS ……………………………..2.138 € X 8 = 17.104 €
  • LAST 1/16 ………………………………..1.069 € X 16 = 17.104 €
  • LAST 1/32 ………………………………..475 € X 32 = 15.200 €

Each Masters tournament has an added Bonus Pool of 10,000 € which will be distributed amongst the first 32 players in the WPT rankings.

The Venue

The London Padel Centre at Bishop’s Park will be host to the London Padel Masters.

The London Padel Centre is the idea of the sports company, Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centres, which has been developing sports facilities and programmes for all in London for over 30 years.

Chris Warren, the co-founder and MD of Rocks Lane stated that “We are very excited to be at the forefront of bringing Padel to London and showcasing what a truly fun and life- enhancing sport it is for all ages and abilities.”

The tournament will be indoors, and includes:

  • 1500 person center court
  • 500 person second court
  • 30+ VIP suites (sponsors boxes)
  • Bar and Village, the heart of the tournaments social gathering • VIP Hospitality
  • Players Lounge

About The World Padel Tour

World Padel Tour is the number one professional padel circuit worldwide. It gathers the best players from all around the world and has its central headquarters in Spain, where 12 of the 16 tournaments in the calendar are developed.

This young sport has lived to see a great professional outburst in the last 10 years. After a big blast in Argentina in the 90s, the new century saw an increase of importance in tournaments on Spanish soil. From 2015 the relish for this sport has experienced a constant growth, in line with the enlargement of the number of players.

Every tourney unites an average of 20,000 fans in stadiums with a capacity of over 5000 spectators.

These numbers set Padel as the third sport only behind football and basketball, overcoming other old-established sports such as handball or indoor football.

About SW19

A boutique Sports & Entertainment company focused on creating legacy brands, our mission is to continue developing global iconic events. Can you imagine a world without Wimbledon, the Super Bowl or the Ashes. Connect with SW19 via our site, email, or social media to find out the exciting events we are developing and delivering.



PRESS RELEASE: Download press release (pdf)