Padel and chess could not be more different; when one sport requires speed, power and athleticism, the other is often performed from the comfort of an armchair. But the comparisons between padel and chess are getting more popular inside the padel community since the technical and tactical component is essential.

Every game whether at the lowest level or highest level must eventually decided by a tactic. Before or at the beginning of a padel match you will usually look to identify a winning strategy, which might be playing aggressively or conservatively. Mental endurance over the course of the match is truly important in both sports in order to maintain a strategy and succeed.

We can describe chess and padel as sports where psychology and mental training are strong aspects. There are actually many different types of mental benefits that come from playing chess. Focusing and maintaining concentration are an example of key aspects when playing padel.

But one basic difference, in addition to the obvious ones, separates both activities; in chess all players have the same pieces, whilst in padel each player plays with a different arsenal than the rival.

 “Padel is like chess at 100 miles an hour, to be a championship padel player, you need the mind of a chess master and the endurance of a marathon runner. However, even if you do everything right technically and mentally, you physically still have to hit the shot to win”  

It is clear that by playing chess can make us mentally stronger and this can potentially enhance our padel skills. Padel coaches are already using it as a complement for player’s routines.

Article by:

Alvaro Fernandez

NTC Head Padel Coach