GB Seniors Padel Tour 2020

As of 2020 there’s a brand-new circuit just for our Senior players available in two age groups for the Men (+40 and +50), and +40 for the Ladies.

The GB Seniors Padel Tour are competitions open to all levels of play, so whether you are a seasoned regular or new to competing, there’s something for everyone!

The tournament rules and regulations are consistent to those of the LTA Padel Tour. Ranking points for GB Seniors are consistent with the LTA Padel Tour ranking tables, and listings will be categorised accordingly by age group.

Players first become eligible to compete when they are in their 40th year. After that you can move upwards to the next age group, always from the year in which you attain your new age.

Note. Rankings from 2019 that were accumulated in the +45 age-group will be distributed into the correct category upon confirmation of a player’s date of birth.