Padel competitions in 2020

There’s lots of exciting changes coming next year so stay tuned!


The 2020 tournament calendar will be released mid January, with the first event kicking off at the end of February.


As part of integrating padel, the LTA will be implementing a series of improvements over the next five years aimed at making competitions more relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable for all players.


The improvements are part of a new strategy has been informed by an extensive review of the competitive landscape in Britain, as well as analysing what works for other federations and sports.  The review included consultation with players, coaches, officials and parents, with the plans receiving strong support.


During 2020 we will be implementing a number of key improvements relating to areas highlighted as top priorities from the consultation. These are:


  • An enhanced competition structure accommodating all levels, for both male and female categories.
  • To support the increasing participation levels of Senior players a separate circuit of events has been created, supported by a new look and aligned national competition calendar
  • LTA Licensed Referees will be required to deliver all graded events.
  • A Junior National Championships – this will be supported with on-going training camps
  • The introduction of more team competition opportunities, through a new LTA National Padel League team competition for players of all levels, to complement the successfully run National tier.
  • Changes to Local Competition to make events more accessible and enjoyable for players.


The LTA are excited to introduce these important changes to enhance the visibility for padel in Great Britain. For any questions/clarifications please contact the Services Team.


Best wishes,

Tom Murray

Head of Padel