XI European Championships 2019

Both our Men’s & Ladies National teams achieved third place at the Cupra European Championships hosted in Rome, Italy. 

The XI European Championships 2019 sponsored by Cupra was hosted at the Bola Padel Club in Rome, Italy on Nov 4-10. European Men’s & Ladies National teams competed for a final position which was broadcast live on Sky Sports Italy.
Ladies National Team:
Picture left to right: Aodhnait Lombard (coach), Shoko, Hannah Maddock, Tia Norton, Laura Deigman, Darren Hazzard, Clare Fahey, and Carolina Prado (back row, far right)
Men’s National Team:
Pictured left to right (back row): Ryan Wyatt, Alfonso Patacho, Christian Medina-Murphy, Sam Jones, Oliver White, Sandy Farquharson, Richard Brooks, Louie Harris, Mauricio Andrini (coach).
Featured image (top of article) by Frank Binisti, Padel Magazine.