Regional Playoffs of the Redwood Bank National Club League


REGIONAL PLAYOFFS – Summary of results:

Last weekend (May 11 & 12), the Regional Playoffs of the Redwood Bank National Club League took place at three different venues (Tennis World, Middlesbrough, David Lloyd Bushey, and Chelsea Harbour Club.


18 teams divided into four groups fought for a place in the National Finals in September 2019, with the top two teams of each group eligible to qualify.  A Round Robin format was used to determine the winners, whereby the teams winning the most head-to-head encounters would advance.


The Northern Group only had three teams competing for two places in the National Finals (Middlesbrough Padel Club, Tennis World Padel Team and Huddersfield LTSC), after the late drop out from the West of Scotland Padel team,


Middlesbrough Padel Club were the overall winners beating all of the other teams. The second best team, thus obtaining the right to attend to the National Finals, was Huddersfield LTSC.


Southern Group-A, hosted at David Lloyd Bushey was the largest group with five teams (Stratford Padel Club, David Lloyd Chigwell, Guernsey Padel Club, Hyde Park Will to Win, and Prested Padel Club). After a long day of tight encounters, Stratford Padel Club achieved the first place winning all its encounters, with David Lloyd Chigwell coming in second place with the next highest amount of encounter wins.


A special mention goes out to Guernsey Padel Club where we head next weekend for the British Padel Tour, for making the effort to travel over from the Channel Islands and partake in this first edition of our National Club League.


Southern Group-B. After North London Padel Club withdrew its registration, the group was comprised of just four teams (David Lloyd Bushey, Regents Park Will to Win, Hazelwood Padel Club, and Weybridge Padel Club).


This group, hosted at David Lloyd Bushey had a top performer winning all of its encounters convincingly, David Lloyd Bushey, also known as the PadelShack team. The three other teams fought very closely for the second position, with Hazelwood Padel Club coming out on top and achieving second place.


Southern Group-C, hosted at Chelsea Harbour Club consisted of four teams (Bishops Park Rocks Lane, Somborne Padel Club, The West Hants Club and Chelsea Harbour Club).


Bishops Park Rocks Lane outperformed the opposition and won all encounters, with Chelsea Harbour Club coming in second place with the next amount of encounter won.


The Redwood Bank National Club Finals, will be played on the 21st and 22nd of September in London (club to be confirmed). The Final event will consist of eight teams playing a Round Robin divided into two groups of four teams. The first two teams of each group will qualify to the Semi-Finals and compete for a top-4 position; the third team of each group will compete for the 5thand 6thposition, with the fourth teams competing for the 7thand 8thposition, which will determine our top ranked clubs/teams in the UK.